Our hop growers

Personal contact with our hop growers is just as important to us as with our brewer customers.

In the meantime, the specifically established association known as Interessengemeinschaft Niederlauterbach has about 90 members. The IGN association regularly holds gatherings for a lively exchange of information within the circle of members, and organises activities pertaining to the topic of hop growing for improvement of hop technology and sustainable hop growing. The social cohesion is also strengthened through various events.
Continuous training and development of our members promotes awareness in dealing with environmentally friendly hop production, also geared towards the economy. Similarly, safeguarding our offer of hops can only be ensured through sustainable, profitable hop farms.

And only through the good cooperation with our hop growers can we enable an outstanding quality of our hops for our customers. In order to be able to ensure a security of supply for our customers, our hop growers are spread over the entire hop-growing area in the Hallertau region.

We, the members of IGN, act according to the following principle: to produce high-quality hops for the brewing industry in a collaborative, environmentally friendly and future-oriented manner.

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