Raw hops

Raw hops are regarded as a pure,
unprocessed natural product.

Type 90 / 45

Hop pellets contain all hop constituents
of raw hops in pressed form.

CO2 hop extract

CO2 hop extract is produced through extractions
process by using carbon dioxide.

IGN hops direct from growers

For more than 30 years IGN (Interessen Gemeinschaft Qualitätshopfen Niederlauterbach) has been a reliable partner in the brewing industry


Your advantages at a glance:

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to a cross section of our hop varieties and hop products, as well as hops from controlled contract farming (KVA hops).

Range of services

  • Over 90 hop growers, average age 43
  • 300,000 kg alpha
  • 3,000 t raw hops

We supply pub breweries, medium-sized breweries as well as major brewery groups at home and abroad with IGN quality hops.

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