With the very good contacts with the official advice centers such as LFl, to hop ring and was able to hop growers association, the IGN establish fully in the hop industry.

We are convinced that in the future only well organized, always claim progress adapted plants with the production of environmentally friendly and understandable to produce the quality hops.

After 25 years, the number of active members of the IGN has increased to 63. To ensure security of supply of our customers, these are all on the growing area of Hallertau ditributed, with an emphasis on seal district Wolnzach and Geisenfeld.

Agenda 2020

Our young board (operations manager with a diameter of 42 years) has set themselves a target:

  • Maintain the existing concept and continue to meet up with IGN´s sustainability principles and with ISO-certified operations to customers requests.
  • Quantity not to invest in as many farms and land but healthy growth and reliable quality
  • To have good contacts and information exchange with our customers and producers
  • Continue to be a reliable partner troughout the hop industry, our associations, institutions, and of course for our costumers.


IGN has a responsipility

  • for the family in the operating suite
  • for our customers
  • for society
  • for our children and grandchildren

The basic principle of sustainability was natural for the IGN and the basic philosophy since its inception and for the future.

Our society yearns for security and trust, therefore, our longtime slogan of IGN

"With security and confidence
towards the future"

A very special thanks for 25 years of trustful cooperation to our customers
and the entire hop industry.

IGN hops from GermanyYours IGN

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