History - An Idea has been established

Unsatisfactory market situation in 1986 caused some hops growers in Niederlauterbach, complaining not only about the biserable situation, but think about what to do.

On 11 March 1987 established 18 active hop growers from the community of interest Niederlauterbach quality hops Niederlauterbach (IGN) with the aim of not only quantitiy, but quality hops, special offer on the market.

In August 1990, IGN was founded hop marketing and Distribution Company.


The sensitive environmental and health consciousness of consumers of food of all kinds is increasing steadily, as a growing desire, only pollutants generated unencumbered, to obtain and use neutral and controlled raw materials and additives.

With hops from neutral controlled contract farming offers the IGN hop marketing and view to increasing recognation of environmental pollution, it is an obvious duty of all involved in the business world, an effective contribution to the extensive conservation of our natural and agricultural resources to afford.

Productions rules

With specially developed and imposed production rules, IGN sat in hop production, new trends:

  • annual Nmin soil testing
  • all 4 years of research on basic nutrients phospahte, potash, lime, magnesium
  • annual inspection sprayers hops
  • keeping at least 3 field record
  • introduction to the special ring service (the planters are in the growing season, visited 3 times, with the hops stocks are reviewed and discussed with the growers about upcoming crop protection, fertilization and cultivation measures)
  • introduction of quality assessent for dried hops (at least 3 for each planter). Today, finding neutral quality AGROLAB
  • regular round tables with speakers
  • ongoing training and development of the hop growers

These production rules, which are still maintained for each member of IGN were in 1990with the introduction of the Controlled-neutral contract farming (Neutral Kontrollierter Vertrags-Anbau - KVA) taken in addition.

hop garden