Hop products of highest quality

IGN-Hops is available as:

  • roh-hops RB 60
  • pellets P45
  • pellets P90
  • CO2-hop-extract
  • Ethanol-hop-extract
  • Pre-isomerized products
  • and more

The hops are continuously monitored until they are
harvested. We oer bonuses to those of our growers
whose hops are of especially high quality.

Our brewer expert and our hop specialists look after you professionally.
Call us or send your questions by e-mail – just use the contact form.

We also offer hops from controlled production rules (KVA-Hops).

Please click hiere for more info on KVA.

For over 25 years, IGN has been adhering to its own strict production regulations in order to
offer quality hops. These production regulations include:

  • Annual nitrogen soil tests
  • Special supervision of the planters
  • We keep at least 3 complete sets of records on cultivation,fertilizers and pesticides.
  • We continuously train our hop growers

All these tasks will be accomplished by our team and the hop growers with commitment and expertise.

Hop products of highest quality